Top 5 Vape Mods With The Most Power

Mods that mean serious business!

Ultra High Wattage Mods

Your interest in the top vape mods with the most power won’t go unanswered, because we’ve created this list with 5 of the best vape mods that also deliver the most wattage.  The days of 200W mods have come to an end, and a new powerful beast has emerged scaling as high as 360W!  Take a moment and discover how much wattage our new vaping device’s have to offer.

The Top Vape Mods With ULTRA High Wattage

1. iJOY EXO 360 MOD

iJoy Exo 360 ModThe EXO 360 Mod is an outstanding new design straight from iJoy, and one of the top vape mods of today.  It offers a similar shape as past and very popular mods, but delivers it with a new design and better performance.  The iJoy EXO 360 Mod offers the most wattage out of all that rest on this list, giving users the capability of reaching up to 360 watts of power.

In addition, it houses four 18650 batteries, and is one of the first quad mods to be released to the vaping market.  Along with great power and long battery life, the EXO 360 Mod also features temperature control, the ability to use only two 18650 batteries to reach 220 watts, and it comes equipped with a remarkably unique vertical stacked OLED screen.  If you’re gunning for as much power as the market offers, you’re going to have to get it from the iJoy EXO 360 Mod.  Want an RDA to go with it instead of a tank, check out the Twisted Messes TM30 RDA.

  • Maximum Wattage: 360W
  • Battery Configuration: 4


SMOK GX350 ModThe SMOK GX350 Mod is yet another quad mod that has the capability of delivering the highest wattage, and it too is one of the top vape mods on the market due to its design, features, and performance.  This stunning new release from SMOK not only holds four batteries for excellent battery life, but it also packs quite the punch with its 350 watts of power.

Like other quad mods being released, the GX350 Mod can also run on just two 18650 batteries, giving you the ability to tackle any atomizer with 220 watts.  Furthermore, it comes with a slew of other features, such as its innovative firing button, a top mounted OLED screen, the ability to upgrade its firmware in the future, and a temperature control suite.  To top it all off, the SMOK GX350 also looks very, very appealing. Though there is a kit available for this mod that includes the TFV8 Tank, many say the mod was truly designed around the new SMOK TFV12 Sub-Ohm Tank.

  • Maximum Wattage: 350W
  • Battery Configuration: 4


SMOK Marshal G320 ModThe SMOK Marshal G320 Mod is yet another offering from a brand we’ve all come to love.  In 2016 this brand was on fire delivering many new and great products, and it doesn’t seem to let up in 2017 with the release of the Marshal G320 Mod.

The Marshal G320 has been placed on this list because it offers a hefty power output of 320 watts, and it also has the battery power to back it up, having enough room in its battery compartment to house three 18650 batteries.  What’s fascinating about this mod is that it can deliver more power, while requiring less batteries than other ultra high wattage mods.  However, it also comes equipped with plenty of other features, such as a temperature control suite, a top mounted OLED screen, and it also has the ability to be ran on a two battery configuration to reach up to 220 watts.  It’s like you’re getting less, but more.

  • Maximum Wattage: 320W
  • Battery Configuration: 3


iJoy Maxo 315W ModThe MAXO Mod is one of the latest releases from the popular iJoy brand.  It sits on this list because not only was it the first quad 18650 box mod, but also because it has the capability of firing up to 315 watts.

Along with its high power, it also happens to be firmware upgradeable, and features temperature control, which will allow you to range from 200 to 600 degrees.  Though it has the room for four 18650 batteries, it does have the ability to run on just two, making it not only a versatile mod, but a powerful one at that.

  • Maximum Wattage: 315W
  • Battery Configuration: 4


Wismec Reuleaux RX300 ModThe Wismec Reuleaux RX300 Mod is yet another device that offers a four battery configuration, but like the others, it can also shell out the power too.  The Reuleaux Series by Wismec has become known throughout the vaping market as one of the top vape mods, the best performing, along with being the best priced mods available — the best looking as well.

Nothing has changed much with this new addition, besides its larger size, its ability to hold four 18650 batteries, and of course its increase in wattage that allows users to reach up to 300 watts of power.  Along with the big battery compartment and high wattage, the RX300 Mod is also equipped with a temperature control suite, and a nice vertically stacked OLED screen.  It’s the Reuleaux like you’ve never seen before!

  • Maximum Wattage: 300W
  • Battery Configuration: 4


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