Top 3 Most Covered Up Vaping Stories

The vaping stories they tried to bury.

The vaping industry has come a long way, but that isn’t without a few bumps in the road.  In this latest addition to our vape lists category, we’re going to share the top 3 most covered up vaping stories.  These are the stories they’ve tried to bury.

1. We Are Vapers

We Are Vapers DocumentaryFor those that are just now or have recently started vaping, you may think the only “ups and downs” have come from our battle with the FDA and the media, but there are several stories this industry has tucked away.  In an effort to never let it fizzle away, as if it never happened, we’re going to share the “We Are Vapers Documentary” story today.

In the year 2012 Linc Williams (aka BaldGroove) announced that he was creating a feature length documentary film about vaping and asked the vaping community, along with online retailers to fund the project on IndieGoGo.  With the help of The Vape Team (a vape show held on the Vapers Place website) and others, Linc was able to raise nearly $22,000 within a 3 month span.  After the fundraising, Linc would periodically update the WeAreVapers website with updates on the progress of the documentary, and then as time progressed, he slowly made his way into the e-liquid portion of the industry, and there wasn’t ever any footage released or used.  The WeAreVapers website was taken down around 2014 and the topic was pushed under the rug.  Since then, there have been a few forums and bloggers that have tried to resurface the topic, but only for it to start a small discussion and then fizzle away once again.  The past has shown that nothing will ever be done about it, and now it only stands as a distant and disgusting memory that lives in the past within the world of vaping.

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