Top 3 Most Advanced Vape Mods 2017

The latest and most advanced mods to hit the market.

Most Advanced Mods

2. Vapor Shark DNA 250 Vape Mod

The Vapor Shark DNA Mod Series has been one that’s been around for a while.  In fact, this is the very series that brought the highly popular DNA Chipset to the masses when it released the original Vapor Shark DNA Mod.  This particular series of mods feature a strong chassis, a sleek appearance, and a unique screen placement that many users have enjoyed over the years.  However, you may wonder what makes the Vapor Shark DNA 250 Vape Mod such an advanced one.  We’re going to answer that for you, but first you need to learn about the device as a whole.

Vapor Shark DNA 250 Vape ModThe Vapor Shark DNA 250 Vape Mod boasts a 6031 Aluminum chassis that’s been milled from solid billet stock and features a three phase exterior finishing that includes anodization, a signature rubberized coating, and its matte black finish is scratch resistant.  It offers up a three button control face with an LED background ring around its over-sized firing button.  In addition, it utilizes a bottom mounted 0.91″ OLED screen, and a micro-USB port that incorporates zip high speed balance charging at a 2.0A maximum rate.  Furthermore, the feature packed DNA 250 Mod sports the new, powerful, and super consistent DNA 250 Chipset that allows users to reach up to 250 watts, take advantage of its temperature control suite that supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, along with additional settings through the Escribe software that is included with all DNA 250 mods.

What makes the Vapor Shark DNA 250 Vape Mod so advanced, even though there are other more powerful options available on the market, is its Evolv DNA chipset and the Escribe software that comes along with it.  There’s no denying the advanced functionality of a DNA device, and that’s all the result of the Escribe software that allows the user to take complete control of their experience.  In this software that can be downloaded and operated via PC, users have the ability to configure and modify the operation of the DNA 250, changing anywhere from its welcome message, incorporating graphics, monitoring the device and its performance, to even allowing users to configure the device based on the battery it’s using.  There are several features that make up the DNA 250 chipset, and all of them can be modified in some way on the Escribe software.

While other brands feature software that allow you to modify some parts to change the functionality of the device or its performance, there aren’t any quite as advanced as what the Escribe software offers.  And, you can get all this from the Vapor Shark DNA 250 Vape Mod.


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