Top 3 Most Advanced Vape Mods 2017

The latest and most advanced mods to hit the market.

Most Advanced Mods

In this list addition we’re going to share the Top 3 Most Advanced Vape Mods of 2017.  In addition to telling you what the most advanced vape mods are, we’re also going to tell you all about them including their features and specifications, as well as why we believe they’re worthy of being classified as the most advanced vape mods of 2017.

1. Joyetech Ocular C Vape Mod

The new Joyetech Ocular C Vape Mod is one of the latest daring models that’s hit the vape market.  This device implores the meaning of “tech”, and if you’re a tech junkie then you’ll find this particular mod quite interesting.  We would first like to share an overall depth of its features and specifications, and then tell you why we feel the Joyetech Ocular C Vape Mod is one of the most advanced vape mods of 2017.

Joyetech Ocular C Vape ModWord has it that the Ocular C Mod is one of the most sophisticated systems ever released, and you’ll immediately get a sense of that once you read out all of its features and specs that we list.  The first thing you must know about this device is that it offers a box mod design that boasts a comfortable feel.  It has a stainless steel 510 connection, a gold plated spring-loaded 510 pin, and a micro-USB port that was equipped for future firmware upgrades.  The Joyetech Ocular C utilizes two 18650 batteries in series, and can be accessed via its locking hinge battery door.  If power is what you seek, you’ll enjoy its capability of reaching up to 150 watts, while allowing you to upgrade in a future firmware upgrade the ability to reach up to 200 watts.  In addition to plenty of power, the Ocular C Mod by Joyetech also comes equipped with a full temperature control suite, which includes support for Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel, along with TCR functionality.

Furthermore, this tech’d out model also features a 1.68″ Color Touch Screen that includes a capacitive touch panel, working mode selection, wattage adjustment, temperature adjustment, a clock, a battery life indicator with individual cell life monitoring, and three screensaver options that lets you change from a digital clock, an analog clock or a photo.

We’re getting somewhere now, right?

The Ocular C Vape Mod also has a multimedia mode, giving 2GB total memory capacity, an MP3 Player, photo storage, and even a pedometer… yes, a pedometer.  Continuing, it also has an advanced puff tracker that allows you to view the puff counter, the puff history, and the puff limit.  There’s a mobile app that goes along with this device that gives you Bluetooth connectivity, and allows you to import your photos, as well as the ability to view device usage statistics.  On the bottom left-hand side of the Ocular C there is a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, which allows you to listen to your music while you vape.

Is that advanced enough for you?  We’ve seen devices in the past that have incorporated touch screen functionality, the ability to upload and listen to music, and even devices that allow you to upload and view pictures on your device, but none of them can come close to the quality and professionalism that Joyetech offers.  If there is anyone to offer these features, Joyetech is the one that can deliver them the best.


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