The 5 Best Cheap Ejuice Flavors 2017

best cheap ejuice

In this article 5 best cheap ejuice flavors of 2017 article, we go in-depth into our writing to direct you and others around the world towards the best and most affordable ejuice flavors. Many vapers ponder which ejuice flavors are the best but that’s a tough question, as ejuice flavors are so subjective. It’s truly all opinion based, so what we feel is the best ejuice, many others may disagree. With that said, we can’t necessarily share what the best e-juice is for you specifically but we can share a synopsis of the most popular ejuice on the market. You can then pull from our list and find the best ejuice for yourself. This article is simply to direct you into the right path.

Brand Name VG/PG Ratio Flavor Type Purchase
Naked 100 Hawaiian POG 70/30 Fruit Buy Here
7 Daze Reds Apple Ejuice Iced 80/20 Fruit / Menthol Buy Here
Candy King Sour Worms 70/30 Fruit / Candy Buy Here
Nude G.A.S. 70/30 Fruit Buy Here
Holy Cannoli Pebbled Cannoli 70/30 Fruit / Dessert Buy Here

The Best Cheap Ejuice Flavors of 2017

1. Naked 100 – Hawaiian POG

naked 100 pog ejuiceHawaiian POG by Naked 100 is an awesome mix combining several delicious fruit flavors into one masterful collection. Enjoy rare passion fruit, orange, and exotic guava for an exciting vaping experience that you’ll easily come to love. This flavor is rich, powerful, and blended specifically for that island feel, so be sure to pick this one up as it has become one of the best cheap ejuice flavors of 2017.

Naked 100 the brand has become super popular over the lastly couple of years. They’ve become well known, they present a quality ejuice vapers can count on, and many can agree that all of the Naked 100 Ejuice flavors are something special. Feel free to browse around at the many Naked 100 ejuice flavors here and find your next all-day-vape!


2. 7 Daze – Reds Apple Ejuice Iced

reds apple icedReds Apple Ejuice Iced by 7 Daze is a brilliantly crafted ejuice flavor that combines the delicious taste of a red apple with an exhilarating amount of menthol. This mixture gives off the sense that you’ve just pulled bottle of cold apple juice from the refrigerator to quench your thirst. Since its release, there have been plenty to try and replicate this amazing flavor, but like with anything else, there’s nothing that can come close to the original.

The 7 Daze brand is highly known for its arsenal of creating the best cheap ejuice flavors, and Reds Apple Ejuice Iced is just one that rests in its line-up. If you’re in the mood to find your next all day vape from this brand, we highly encourage you to check out the other exciting 7 Daze Ejuice flavors here.


3. Candy King – Sour Worms

candy kings sour worms ejuiceSour Worms by Candy King offers up an epic gummy worm flavor that we’re sure you’ll absolutely love. Imagined a sweet and sour gummy flavored ejuice that you can vape at any time without the worry of added sugars. Trust us, this sour worms ejuice flavor will deliver a full spectrum of flavors that you won’t be able to pinpoint. To help you out, your taste buds will endure orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, cherry, and raspberry. If you think it sounds good, just wait until you taste it!

Candy King has become one of the most popular brands within the industry, and it’s all because of not only the taste it delivers but the quality and price of the ejuice. This is one of those flavors you’ll want to try, but we encourage you to check out all of the Candy King ejuice flavors here.


4. Nude – G.A.S.

nude gas ejuiceG.A.S by Nude Premium Ejuice is a fantastic blend of guava, apple, and strawberry, hence the initialed name. You really do not get a sense of how great this ejuice is until you try it, but when you do your oral senses come alive! Enjoy this wonderful and exotic concoction anytime and you’ll know just why we consider Nude G.A.S. as one of the best cheap ejuice flavors of 2017.

Nude is a killer brand that has made quite the impact on the vaping community due to its great flavors and ridiculously low prices. Where else can you find a truly great tasting ejuice that comes in a 120ML bottle for just $15! Don’t sell yourself short, find the best ejuice Nude flavors here, because there’s plenty to choose from that we just know you’ll love.


5. Holy Cannoli – Pebbled Cannoli

pebbled cannoli ejuicePebbled Cannoli by Holy Cannoli Ejuice is a spectacular flavor that delivers a truly creamy, delicious, and powerful fruity pebble experience. Just imagine a fruity pebbles treat wrapped in a cannoli that’s bursting with flavor. This is one you’ll want to try, customers simply can’t get enough of it!

Holy Cannoli Ejuice has been around for a while and has built up a solid track record and loads of popularity due to its remarkable flavor offerings. It was one of the first brands to offer large bottles at ridiculously low prices, and they continue to do so with all four of its exciting flavors. There are four to choose from, so go find your next all-day-vape and check out Holy Cannoli Ejuice here. You’ll quickly find out why we think this is the best ejuice of 2017.


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