iJoy Maxo Zenith Mod – $31.99

iJoy Maxo Zenith Mod Deal

Take advantage of this deal and get the iJoy Maxo Zenith Triple 18650 Box Mod for just $31.99!

This new addition to the iJoy family of mods takes on a different approach to the triple 18650 mod platform, delivering a simple design that utilizes a potentiometer, and eliminating the need for a display screen.  With a screenless design, a variable voltage output that’s adjusted via a lightning knob potentiometer, the cost of this remarkable device is reduced greatly compared to other triple 18650 box mods that are available on the market.

Expect an ergonomic design, side ventilation that lights up during use to enhance its appeal, a magnetic battery door that covers up a triple 18650 battery compartment, a stainless steel 510 connection that offers up a gold plated spring-loaded contact, an oversized top mounted firing switch with an LED indicator for battery life, a screenless design, and a potentiometer that allows you to adjust from 2.7 Volts to 6.2 Volts.  Though the iJoy Maxo Zenith Mod utilizes variable voltage, it has a 300 Watt maximum output load.  If you’re looking for a high-powered device that won’t leave your pockets empty, the Maxo Zenith Mod by iJoy is the way to go!

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